The mission of The House That She Built is to support workforce development initiatives in home building 

by generating awareness of the skilled trades to the largest underrepresented community.

Kids Interacting with Book

Our Focus...

Workforce Development -Initiatives that address the Labor Shortage Crisis: 

The House That She Built  is a long term sustainable solution to the national labor shortage.

1. Changing the perception of career based bias by getting in front of the youngest learners BEFORE that bias forms. (Kindergarten) 

2. Shifting the mindset that one path is better than another by getting in front of parents and teachers. 

3. Refreshing the unfavorable/stereotypical image of specific jobs. 

4. Recruiting future workers through the most obvious underrepresented community… Women! 

Less than 3% of the onsite workforce is women! 



Women in ConstructionElevating Women in Construction: 

The House That She Built elevates women in the trades to show girls they CAN do anything. 

1. Emphasizing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) skills needed for each job builds self esteem

2.Providing a platform for women (and all people) in the trades to share with children (in classrooms, as gifts, girl scout troops etc) to show what they do to help children identify with real people as role models



3.) DEI in Construction & Housing   – Supporting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: 

The House That She Built visually shows that careers in construction are for everyone! 

Careers in Construction Build The Future